anytime, anywhere. Our first responsibility is therefore upstream: to identify and minimise any risks that may impact the lives of our customers.

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both in their everyday life and in  the case of emergencies: car breakdowns, home emergencies, and sicknesses boh at home and abroad… We are by their side, whenever they need us, listening to their needs and responding with our best-in-class assistance solutions.

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and require people to revise their priorities and reorganise their home and adapt their lifestyles. At AXA Assistance, we stand by our customers and provide continual support.

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Beyond an emergency response: We support our partners and look after our customers anytime, anywhere

Beyond an emergency response: We support our partners and look after our customers anytime, anywhere

History of AXA Assistance

A Leading International Player in Assistance Solutions

AXA Assistance: Who We Are, How We Came to Be

Established in 1959, AXA Assistance brings to our customers over 50 years of industry experience in the provision of assistance services. As a part of AXA Group, AXA Assistance operates on a truly global scale with over 10.8 million cases handled across 34 countries last year and a turnover of € 1.4 billion in 2015, AXA Assistance is one of the largest players in the international assistance field with the largest own service network worldwide.

In Asia, AXA Assistance operates out of 14 regional offices, including Singapore. Established in 1983, AXA Assistance Singapore was the first assistance company to be set up in Asia Pacific Region. Over its 30 year history, AXA Assistance Singapore has evolved from a small call center into a strategic hub that services 18 countries in the Asia Pacific Region.

We believe our key strength lies in our ability to integrate our services with our customers’ existing and future demands to create a highly customized suite of services. Our 4 core business lines are: Travel and Medical Assistance, Automotive Assistance, Home Assistance and Concierge Services and Health Services.



The No.2 Assistance Company In The World




1.5 B

Overall revenues

growth in new business

Revenues by Business Line 2015